Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Foreshadowing

I can't believe I haven't shared recipes for over a month. {Okay, maybe I can but that's life right now.} Because of that I had many recipes to pick from so you know these five truly look good to me.

~Red Onion Pinwheels from Rachael Ray: I love bread and am always looking for new twists on it. I would use homemade pizza dough instead but the flavor combination on these sounds delicious.
Red Onion Pinwheels
~Coffee Cake Cupcakes from The Shiksa in the Kitchen: Since we have muffins for breakfast each morning it's always nice to try some different recipes. While this is a little sweeter than what we usually have an occasional treat is definitely okay!
~Brown Sugar Ginger Snowflakes from Woman's Day: I have actually never made sugar cookies {at least as far as I can remember} but think this might be a fun twist on them. I definitely want to do some sort of cut out cookie this year as I think my three year old might get a kick out of helping.
brown sugar ginger snowflakes
~Lasagna Style Pizza from Good Housekeeping: Like we have muffins every morning we have pizza every Friday. We have a decent collection of varieties right now but are always up for trying more, like this Lasagna one.
lasagna style pizza
~Best Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix from Mel's Kitchen Cafe: I'm actually buying the ingredients for this today and can't wait to try it.
All images are from the original recipe source.
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  1. Lasagna pizza...mmm. Sounds like it would be a winner with the hubby and son.

  2. Love the pizza... & those snowflakes look great too. I hope you do make sugar cookies this year!

  3. The coffeecake cupcakes look incredible :)