Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Foreshadowing

~Maple Honey Granola Bark from An Oregon Cottage: A different way of making granola that results in lots of those delicious clumps.
Maple Honey Granola Bark
~Chewy Coconut Bars from All Recipes: I've tended to avoid coconut recipes because my husband doesn't care for it. Recently I've been experimenting with toasting it first and then using it. So far, it seems to be helping {he thinks it's the texture more he doesn't like rather than the taste} so I've been looking at coconut recipes again.
Chewy Coconut Bars Recipe
~The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie with Variations from The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie: More so than the actual recipe what really caught my eye here was the explanation about why you should do things in a certain order and the troubleshooting for cookies. It was very interesting to read.
~Pizza Tot Casserole from Recipes Straight from the Kowboys Home: An interesting concept: tater tots on top of pizza toppings. This is definitely something that could be fun to play around with.
~5 Ingredient Strawberry Bread from CEO of Me: With only five ingredients and the ability to use whatever fruit you'd like {therefore have on hand} this bread has definite potential.
 Easy Homemade 5 Ingredient Strawberry Bread or Muffin Recipe

All images are from the original recipe source.
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  1. Im off to check out that granola - I love the lumps!

  2. Oh the Pizza Tot Casserole looks interesting! Might give that a try! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I'm with Holly -- that Pizza Tot Casserole looks so yummy and comforting for these cold nights :)

  4. My hhusband would love that granola and I'm off to check out that tatortot casserole :)