Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu 2-14

Monday night I did not feel on my A game in the kitchen so I was less than optimistic about how dinner would turn out. Thankfully, it wasn't a complete flop! We decided that the Chicken Pot Pie Soup was good but there's room for improvement so we'll try it again sometime. (It doesn't make for a great picture as everything except the green beans kept sinking to the bottom.)
I thought it was neat to see the different ways the Fancy Dinner Rolls baked. If I make them again I think I'll be able to make a more consistent, pretty roll. My husband isn't sure he's sold on the mildly sweet breads though so I might just try the technique with a different recipe.
The Apple Bacon Hamburgers were wonderful! My husband took charge of this meal and mixed up the burgers for me, making it his own recipe. He did a wonderful job! Everything went together really well.
Our Broccoli Three Cheese Pockets were quite a bit different than the original. I took the idea from the recipe but then modified it to use what I had. We really liked how they turned out. Our daughter was especially estatic about them.
While the Chicken Fajitas were good, I feel that there's still room for improvement. I think part of the problem is my proportion of chicken to onions and peppers was a little off but I'm going to try to get it right sometime in the future!
However, as always, the pizza was superb. Well, actually, we did have a slight difficulty in that my half of the pizza refused to come off the pan. I have no idea what happened as I put cornmeal down as is normal. Thankfully, it didn't affect the taste. This time I also added tomatoes and green peppers to the pepperoni.
For the time being, French Toast is our favorite brunch item. This week I used homemade Cinnamon Bread which really tops it off!

The recipes for Apple Bacon Burgers and Cheesy Broccoli Pockets will be coming this week along with the Waffles from last weekend.

This week I put together the menu using only items from the pantry with the exception of rolls needed for Saturday. I love it when that happens!
  • Monday: Soup Night! Tomato Soup: My husband is not the biggest fan of tomatoes but is interested to see how this turns out. We will, of course, be having Grilled Cheese with it.
  • Tuesday: Cream Cheese Rigatoni: We've had this many times and love it every time.
  • Wednesday: Sesame Chicken: My husband found this recipe last year (not sure where) and it has become a favorite in our house.
  • Thursday: We're celebrating a belated Valentine's Day and going to Olive Garden-my favorite!
  • Friday: Pizza Night! BBQ Chicken: Tasty, tasty!
  • Saturday Brunch: Eggs in Rolls: It's probably going to be more work than normal for brunch but it sounds like a fun idea.
  • Sunday: Leftovers
Visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas.

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