Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu February 6

Recap from Last Week:
Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese: I took parts from this recipe and this recipe and came up with a pretty good soup. I have a few things I'll change the next time but it wasn't bad this way.
Sausage and Pasta: I used this recipe as the start of my sauce. I added more milk and shredded cheese resulting in a good sauce over the sausage.
Cheesy Broccoli Pockets: Well, once again we didn't have these and ended going to my in-laws for dinner on Wednesday. I think I'm giving up on these for now since trying four weeks in a row is getting a bit excessive!

Warm Chicken and Cheese Sandwiches with Apple and Green Bean Saute: This was such an easy meal to throw together and for some reason I really like it.
Sweet Hawaiian Pizza: Wonderful!
French Toast: I remembered to make the bread on Friday! I made 1 1/2 batches so now we have French Toast in the fridge for breakfast this week.
Snickerdoodle Muffins: I had seen a link on Pinterest where someone baked her cupcakes at a lower temperature for a little longer which resulted in a nicer looking cupcake. I tried the muffins at 325 instead of 350 and it worked great!

Onto This Week:
  • Monday: Soup Night! Slow Cooker Corn and Potato Chowder: This sounds good and it uses the slow cooker, something I've been wanting to get in the habit of utilizing more often.
  • Tuesday: Homemade Crunchwrap Supreme: Shredded lettuce was on sale last week so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try these.
  • Wednesday: Easy Night: We'll have something quick and easy from the pantry, perhaps chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries or chow mein.
  • Thursday: Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken: My husband happened to see me bookmarking this recipe last week. When I asked him if he had any requests for meals he mentioned this so we're trying it!
  • Friday: Chicken Bacon Ranch or Burrito Pizza: TBD which one we'll have but both are great choices.
  • Brunch: Waffles: I got a quick answer for waffles when I asked what we should have for brunch so that made that decision easy!
Visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas.

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