Monday, March 14, 2011

Menu 3-14

Here's the recap from what we ate last week:

My sister was visiting us for her Spring Break and did a lot of the cooking which was a lovely break for me!
Monday we had Fiesta Chicken Soup. We changed the proportions of some of the ingredients and it turned out great!
Tuesday my sister chose to make Southwestern Pasta and Chicken. It defintely had a kick, especially the first time, but we all enjoyed it.
Wednesday night at church we had a vegetable and hamburger soup and whole pea soup. My husband was delighted with the pea soup as it's not something I make often.

On Thursday we tried the Homemade Manicotti. The dish turned out great but was a little labor intensive. I'd like to revisit this recipe someday and see if I can make it a little easier.
And of course, Friday Pizza Night. We had BBQ Chicken Pizza this week. The chicken had gotten cooked earlier in the week, the pineapple was already processed so it was especially easy to put it together.
For breakfasts this week we had Coffee Cake Muffins the first half of the week. They were, as expected, delicious. However, it was pretty much impossible to pretend they were even remotely healthy.
At the end of the week we had Morning Glory Muffins. They were good but we all felt they could use a little more moisture. I'm going to try adding some banana the next time I make them.
We also made Peanut Butter cookies. I use the recipe for Christmas cookies with the chocolate stars on top and just leave off the chocolate. My idea of a perfect peanut butter cookie is soft and just starting to get crispy on the edges.

I know I said this last week but it is amazing how easy making a menu is when I take just one night (Wednesday) out of the equation.
  • Monday: Soup Night! Tomato Soup: I'm still on the search for a great homemade tomato soup. We'll also have grilled cheese on this delicious oatmeal bread.
  • Tuesday: Lasagna Casserole: I found a good price on cottage cheese last week and came upon this recipe. It's a match made in heaven!
  • Wednesday: Soup Supper at Church
  • Thursday: Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas: We've had these in the past and really loved them. I'm going to use homemade tortillas again.
  • Friday: Pizza Night! Burrito Pizza: We're hoping to recreate the goodness that we were able to achieve the last time. If we do I'm calling it a success and not just a fluke!
  • Saturday Brunch: French Toast: I'll make cinnamon bread Friday to really take this up a notch. Plans changed last week and we didn't get to this so we'll try again this week.
  • Sunday: Leftovers
Visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas.

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