Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu 5-23

Recap From Last Week:
The Chicken Tetrazzini was good but there seemed to be something missing. I have two theories: 1) my homemade stock (and cream soup that I made using that stock) didn't have enough flavor or 2) the vegetable pasta just threw it off. We ate it and enjoyed it anyway though!
The Hawaiian Tuna Sandwiches were delightful! I made homemade buttery rolls which were the perfect complement to the sandwiches. This will probably frequent our menu often this summer.
On Wednesday we tried Sweet and Sour Pork using this sauce. While it was good, we both felt the sauce was missing something, maybe a little spice? Nonetheless, it was still tasty and enjoyable and I'll definitely try again sometime.
Thursday, plans changed and we went to Applebees instead of having Cheese Quiche.
Friday Pizza Night was Pepperoni Pizza with the addition of green peppers. The peppers add such a unique touch, with just a little flavor but not owerpowering.
I bought two huge bunches of bananas last week and the remaining ones are starting to get soft so I decided to try Banana Waffles for Brunch. They turned out great. You could taste the banana but it wasn't overwhelming.
For breakfast part of the week we had French Toast Muffins. They turned out really well. Next time I make them I might try adding some cinnamon and nutmeg to the actual muffin batter as well.

 Onto This Week:
  • Monday: Hot Dogs and Homemade Fries: One of summer's quintessential meals! Unfortunately, we'll be making the hot dogs inside but it'll still be great.
  • Tuesday: Mashed Potato Enchiladas: I'm going to change a few things including using a different sauce instead of enchilada since I don't care for that.
  • Wednesday: Cheese Quiche: Carry-over from last week.
  • Thursday: Cheesy Broccoli Pockets: I happen to have everything I need for this so it's a great week to have it again.
  • Friday: Pizza Night! Sweet Hawaiian: Yes, again. I really like it!
  • Saturday Brunch: Pancakes: We'll see if this is what we actually have come Saturday morning.
  • Sunday: Leftovers
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  1. Your menu looks delicious!
    One my menu items is Chicken Enchiladas - very good and one of my husband's favorites! Check it out if you're interest...
    Have a great week!