Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu November 14th

Recap From Last Week:

I completely forgot to thaw chicken for the Fiesta Chicken Soup so I just put the already cooked chicken breast in the soup as it cooked and then shredded it closer to dinner time. It worked out great and I think I liked the shredded chicken better than the typical chicken pieces. I decided to make Onion Cheddar Rolls to go along with the soup and they were wonderful! The cheese flavor didn't really come through so I will probably leave that out the next time.
I used cranberry juice instead of apple juice for the Apple Chicken because it's what I had on hand. It worked just fine. The flavor wasn't significantly different, it just gave the dish more of a pink hue than normal.
While my lasagna didn't really hold it's layers once it was dished up it tasted wonderful anyway. There is something so delicious about lasagna that just cannot be beat. We also had Breadsticks alongside. I was on the phone while I was putting the garlic butter on so the amount was rather scant but we had no problem eating them anyway!
I am so proud of this meal for some inexplicable reason. I think it's because I thought of something pretty basic but worthy of being called a meal without having to search the internet or cookbooks. The bread, chicken and cheese, while simple, came together quite nicely. Also, my husband declared that I did a great job my first time making German Potato Salad.
For Pizza Night it was Pepperoni/Salty Dog week. As a refresher, my husband and his friends developed this pizza while they were in school: pizza sauce with pepperoni, black olives and green olives. They love it! I don't since I don't care for olives so I just have pepperoni and am quite content.
For the first time in quite a while we had French Toast on Saturday. I think the fact that we hadn't had it in a while just added to the wonderful taste of it.
I made Cinnamon Streusel Muffins for breakfasts {but didn't take a picture}. The jury is still out on whether or not they'll be repeated. It was a little bit more of a hassle than normal muffin recipes and much of the streusel topping ended up on my muffin pan instead of the muffins.
We also celebrated our daughter's second birthday this week. I made Double Fudge Layer Cake but in cupcake form topped with Vanilla Frosting. Because I changed it to cupcakes I had to guess on the time and I think I may have slightly over baked them. They still tasted great, just perhaps a bit crumblier than they should be.

Onto This Week:

I am actually going to be taking a bit of time off. We're expecting our second child any day now so while we're adjusting to a new normal I'm going to free myself from this responsibility for a little while. We'll still eat {obviously} but it will definitely be more laid back planning wise than normal. I'm not committing myself to a certain date to start posting again but I'm hoping sometime in mid-December.

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