Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu August 27

Crockpot Smokey Sesame Chicken {Husband's Birthday Request}: This was lovely, as many crockpot meals are. {Recipe coming soon}
Stromboli {experimenting with freezing it}: Freezing this worked out quite well. I will definitely be making two the next time and stashing one in the freezer.

Pear Chicken Salad Sandwiches: We have two pear trees in our backyard so the race is on to use lots of pears. These sandwiches turned out great. {Recipe coming soon}
Southwestern Pizza: I checked the recipe right before we made the pizzas. When we sat down to eat we thought something was off so I checked the recipe again. Turns out there's supposed to be BBQ Sauce on it. Whoops! It was still good even with the sauce smeared on top instead.

Butterfinger Chocolate Caramel Cake: My husband's birthday was last week and he loves butterfingers so when I saw this a few weeks ago I knew this had to be his birthday cake. It was amazing! {Recipe coming soon}
On the Menu...
Black Beans & Rice Burritos
Chicken Tortilla Soup with Non-Grainy Cornbread 
Out for Husband's Belated Birthday Meal
Ham & Potatoes
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza
French Toast

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