Monday, September 5, 2011

Menu 9-5

Recap From Last Week:

Corndog Muffins were a wonderful hit! I used my cornbread recipe and chopped the hot dogs into small pieces so that they would be spread throughout the muffin. We will definitely be having these again.
The Cranberry Chicken Sandwich experiment was mostly a success. I ended up using shredded chicken, whole cranberry sauce, celery and mozzarella cheese. If I had dried cranberries on hand I would have put some in as well. This is a recipe I want to keep playing with because it has definite potential.
We tried Peanut Butter Muffins and thought they were great. It's amazing how such a small amount of peanut butter can flavor the whole batch so thoroughly. I'd like to make these again and maybe tweak a few things but even this way I really enjoyed them.
I tried a new dessert recipe. I had seen a chocolate cookie with the individual smores built on top but didn't bookmark it so I tried to recreate my own version. I took this Smores Cookies Bar recipe, halved it and then built the individual smores on each bar. They turned out delicious but I'm going to try making them again and change a couple things to see if I can get them to be even more delicious!

Onto This Week:
  • Monday: Happy Labor Day! Hot Dogs with Corn on the Cog: Nothing super spectacular but definitely appropriate for the day.
  • Tuesday: Orange Chicken: I have just enough celery to use for this recipe before it gets too soggy gross. It's been a while since we've had Orange Chicken so it all works out quite nicely.
  • Wednesday: Pasta Carbonara: I'll be making a few changes since my bacon is already cooked and instead of cream cheese I'm going to use cooking creme that's been sitting in my fridge for the longest time.
  • Thursday- Monday: My cousin is getting married this weekend so we'll be traveling.
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  1. What a yummy week. Love how you go through the previous week's meals. Those corndog muffins look so fun, I know my boys would love them.