Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu 7-11

Recap From Last Week:
We spent the 3rd and 4th at the cottage. Last minute, I decided to try making the Fourth of July Cake I posted a few Fridays ago. It turned out fine, especially for what was really my first attempt at a decorated, put together cake, but I learned a few things. 1) Put more frosting in between each layer. 2) Don't expect it to do well when you take it in the car for a couple hours then leave it on the counter in the heat. Nonetheless, it was fun and delicious!
Tuesday we had Stromboli. This time it was filled with ham, pepperoni, olives (for some of us), cheese and mixed vegetables (instead of just peas). I loved the different vegetables in there, especially the corn which added a little sweetness.
The Chicken Salad Sandwiches were a hit. My husband said usually a chicken salad sandwich wouldn't be his favorite but he really enjoyed these. We also had Creamy Corn Salad again. Last week wasn't a fluke, I really enjoy this salad!
Thursday we had hot dogs and Homemade Baked Beans. This is such a simple, delightful, summery meal.
We didn't have Sweet Hawaiian Pizza because I couldn't find green peppers for a decent price. Instead we had Pepperoni Pizza which was good, as always, especially since my husband assembled it again.

Onto This Week:
  • Monday: Tuna Salad Sandwiches with 3 Bean Salad: Keeping it simple but still enjoyable.
  • Tuesday: Pineapple Chicken Casserole: This is a recipe from my Grandma that we really like.
  • Wednesday: Mac n Cheese Patties: I can't find this recipe online but it's from the most recent Rachael Ray magazine. It's essentially mac n cheese with a little bit of breadcrumbs mixed in and cooked. It looks interesting and good to me.
  • Thursday: Sloppy Joes: I'm trying this recipe from Deceptively Delicious.
  • Friday: Pizza Night! Chicken Bacon Ranch: Technically this is our backup plan. Again we'd like to have Sweet Hawaiian Pizza but that's only if I find a decent price on green peppers this week. Hopefully I'll be more successful this week!
  • Saturday Brunch: Egg Sandwiches: Husband's request. We were at the lake last Saturday and didn't have brunch so we'll have Egg Sandwiches this week.
  • Sunday: Leftovers
Visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas.

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